Wien Energie provides roughly two million people in Vienna and its surroundings with electricity, gas, heating and air conditioning – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to energy production, energy consulting, specifically in areas such as building maintenance and telecommunications, is a central activity in the company's repertoire. In recent years a new programme of renewable energy has massively increased modes of energy production. An important initiative is underway in Wien Energy, offering citizens access to shares in the company, and thus support its research and development of solar energy and wind power in and around Vienna. Wien Energy provides a workplace for over 2,700 employees and as such is one of the biggest employers in the federal capital.

As a modern energy provider we want to take our customers with us into the future of energy whilst ensuring satisfaction with our regular services. And it’s exactly this goal that has been consistently achieved through our partnership with SK Rapid Vienna since its inception in the 2003/2004 season. Through innovative offers and exciting promotions Wien Energie creates value for Rapid fans and by extension also its customers: Wien Energie feels an emotional connection to SK Rapid supporters.

For Wien Energie sponsorship represents an excellent opportunity to make our product, energy, more tangible. Football particularly provides an exceptional chance to reach a broad public, and allows for the conveyance of positive values such as emotion, effort, team spirit and performance. Sport is the source of fitness, endurance and health. And these are things that can be vehicles for positivity in children and youngsters.

During the partnership between Wien Energie and SK Rapid, which is now over a decade old, a wide variety of joint initiatives for the benefit of Rapid supporters have been realised: from the campaign "Fans not Fandalism" and the annual Vienna Sport Week, to the first Austrian Google Hangout with 90 minute live chat between footballers and fans, initiatives continue to flow. Wien Energie will continue to delight and excite fans together with SK Rapid. An example of this continued commitment to serve the fans can be found in our new App "Extrawürstel", packed full of advantages and offers for Rapid supporters:

Wien Energie CEO Michael Strebl: "We are standing by SK Rapid, in good and bad times. Wien Energie has two million customers; SK Rapid around 900,000 loyal fans. Since the beginning of this season 2016/2017 the Allianz Stadium represents not only an impressive sporting arena, but also myriad opportunities to successfully drive forwards our co-operation. We are proud of how we have seamlessly blended two of Austria's foremost brands into a successful partnership from which both parties profit."